Пенсия сотрудника уголовно – исполнительной системы в 2019 году

Пенсионное право

Pension of a employee in the penal system in 2019. Its main differences from other pensions. Conditions and procedure for receiving it.

The conditions, procedure, and norms of pension provision for employees dismissed from service in the penal system are stipulated by the Law of the Russian Federation of 12.02.1993 № 4468-1 (as amended on 02.04.2014) “On Pension Provision for Persons Who Served in the Military, Internal Affairs, State Fire Service, Narcotics Control Bodies, Penal Institutions and Bodies, and Their Families.”

With the entry into force of the Federal Law of 19.07.2011 № 247 from 01.01.2012, the monetary allowance taken into account when calculating the pension consists of:

  • Salary for the previously held position,
  • Salary for the special rank,
  • Percentage allowance for years of service.

Individuals serving in the execution of sentences system of the Russian Federation are entitled to a pension for years of service (according to article 13 of section 2 of the “Law on Pension Provision for Persons Who Served in Penal Institutions” № 4468-1).

The years of service for pension calculation are determined as follows: military service, service in positions of lower and commanding ranks in internal affairs bodies, service in penal institutions and bodies are counted towards the pensionable service.

In addition, for officers and personnel of internal affairs bodies discharged from service, the time of their education before their appointment to service (but not exceeding five years) can also be counted towards the pensionable service at a ratio of one year of education for six months of service.

Service in special conditions is credited towards pensionable service in a preferential calculation.

According to the mentioned legislative acts, the monetary allowance for pension calculation includes the salary for the last statutory position, salary for the special rank assigned on the day of discharge, percentage allowance for years of service calculated from these salaries.

The pension amount depends on the monetary allowance and length of service, the longer the employee served, the larger their pension will be.

The review of pensions for retirees of the penal system was carried out in two stages from January 1, 2012, as follows:

In accordance with Federal Law of 19.07.2011 № 247 “On Social Guarantees for Employees of the Internal Affairs Agencies of the Russian Federation and Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” (Law) and in implementation of the order of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia of 27.10.2011 № 16-20240-04 T, pensions were reviewed from January 1, 2012, for all categories of penal system pensioners, calculated from 54% of the corresponding monetary allowances, which include:

  1. 3.0 times increased salary grades;
  2. Salaries for special ranks;
  3. Monthly allowance to the salary for years of service at the rates specified in article 7 of the Law.

This monetary allowance is considered for pension calculation from January 1, 2012, at a rate of 54% and starting from January 1, 2013, it will increase annually by 2 percent until reaching 100 percent.

Currently, in the Russian Federation, a reform of the monetary allowance for servicemen and law enforcement officers, including employees of the penal system, is being implemented – the so-called military reform. Thus, the increase in pension payouts will gradually and smoothly occur according to the planned transformations.

Author: Aduchieva Gilyana Glebovna, legal expert of Volzhsky Garant LLC Epod

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