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Parking fines. What types of parking are subject to fines? Cost of fines for improper parking. How to avoid a fine for improper parking? How to dispute such a fine?

Lately, fines for parking in unauthorized places have become commonplace. This is due to the proliferation of no-parking signs in cities, and parking spaces are increasingly becoming paid. All this leads to general dissatisfaction among car owners. As a result of the aforementioned reasons, a parking fine is imposed.

The most common parking fine for parking in unauthorized places is one and a half thousand rubles. The only exceptions in terms of amount are two cities – federal cities – the capital of our country Moscow, and the former capital – the city of St. Petersburg. The fine amount for improper parking there is three thousand rubles.

Types of improper parking:

  • Parking on the sidewalk – a very common type of parking that can cost the car owner one thousand rubles for having at least one wheel on the sidewalk.
  • A very inconvenient type of parking for some car owners is parking in the second row. This type of parking is penalized with a fine. The fine amount is two thousand rubles.
  • Parking in the backyard – also one of the most common types of parking subject to a monetary fine. Parking the car on the sidewalk and lawn in the backyard area, a car with the engine running for more than 5 minutes, a truck weighing more than three and a half tons – all such parkings in residential areas are fined one and a half thousand rubles, and in federal cities (St. Petersburg and Moscow) three thousand rubles.
  • Parking on the lawn incurs a higher fine. The fine for parking on the lawn ranges from three to five thousand rubles for regular individuals. Executives will face higher fines – from ten to thirty thousand rubles. And the most severe penalty in the form of a fine for parking on the lawn for organizations is from one hundred thousand to two hundred fifty thousand rubles.
  • The final type of improper parking is parking at trolleybus, bus, and minibus stops – the fine for such parking is one thousand rubles.

Parking fines for parking in unauthorized places can be avoided by having an emergency stop sign with you and displaying it. You will also need to turn on your hazard lights. The car owner must remain inside the vehicle. And if someone approaches, they will need to pretend to be in poor health.

How to appeal a parking fine?

Sometimes unscrupulous traffic police officers issue fines without visible reasons. In such cases, the affected car owner should take a photo of the place where their car was allegedly parked by the traffic police officer. The photo should show that there are no prohibitory signs present and that parking is allowed. These photos should be attached to a written complaint.

If you have been fined for improper parking and disagree with it, we advise you to seek assistance and consultation from our lawyers. Our lawyers will provide detailed consultation and answer all your questions on the topic of “parking fines.”

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